Welcome to Greenway Products

Greenway Products is a supplier of quality items to the scale model railroader.
Unless otherwise specified all products here are in HO (1:87.1) scale.

Our emphasis is on items of uniqueness and of consistently high quality. Greenway tries to obtain its materials from domestic artists and sources. From time to time Greenway also assists other U.S. and Canadian manufacturers with their product introductions and its dealers.

NOTE: Some images are "generic"; meaning that item numbers may differ from that shown in the image. Parts may be photographed showing several items when only one is sold per package.  READ THE TEXT DESCRIPTION FOR QUANITY.

Thanks Al.



Winter Shipping Notice:

In keeping with our usual annual pattern shipping will be closed on October 27, 2020.

Shipping of orders will be resumed in April or May of 2021.  Orders received in the interim will be processed in the sequence received, on items with limited stock availability this means first come will be first served.

During the shipment shut down period whenever exceptions become possible, a few items with direct sourcing will be shipped in the usual manner, this includes sound units, Tahoe trucks, and certain brass engines.

We sincerely appreciate the continued loyalty of our customers and we respect their patience with our winter schedule.

We wish everyone Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas, and Happy Training!
As the Covid-19 Pandemic winds down we hope that everyone stays safe.

Al Pilz
Greenway Products