BRASS BUILDER'S CORNER- Trackside Specialties

Here we have parts in reasonable supply listed under the "TS" designation. At other times we merely list certain parts as available without "TS" numbers. Such listings are usually only temporary. There are still thousands of parts in our stock that never make these listings. That is why full information with requests is important. In certain instances, we have been able to reproduce high usage parts and these are generally listed on our web with a "TS" number. "TS" is a brand designation taken from our acquisition of Trackside Specialties Company. A few of these parts also remain from Westside Model parts and even fewer from PFM.

Many of our items have dimensions in HO inches and some have actual dimensions in inches or millimeters. For customers that do not have handy conversion devices or rulers, there is a simple to use and very effective conversion page sponsored by the famous  Garden State Central model railroad club: