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Ingalls/GM&O Maroon and Black, Long Stack

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Ingalls/GM&O Maroon and Black, Short Stack

A long sought after engine in HO, it was finally done by Ajin and imported in a very limited quantity. Available in the three color schemes employed by GM&O during the engine’s many years of operation.

The engine was a product of Ingalls Shipbuilding Co. and designed and produced at the end of World War Two. Only one engine was completed and it served as a very effective demonstrator unit touring many of the major railroads in the US. While the engine seemed to have great promise, Ingalls abandoned its production plans when it was inundated by ship orders and perhaps intimidated by GM’s huge production plans for the F units. The demonstrator unit was sold to the GM&O and enjoyed a long and fruitful career into the 1960’s. It was a favorite of operating crews and could be seen in transfer work, etc, including  many of GM&O’s Southern operating areas such as Tennessee and Mississippi.

The basic elements of the design were later copied by others and the unique cab configuration appeared in modern units such as the Krauss Maffeis purchased by SP and DRGW and on European locomotives. The prime mover was a Superior engine designed by the Superior engine division of National Supply in Springfield, Ohio.
The model is built by Ajin and it is perfectly factory painted. Our test unit runs beautifully.