Great Model Railroad Projects by Greenway Customers:

Ralph Butcher is pulling his "Beer Train" with a Challenger engine so the train is 16’ 10” long. 17’ is his limit for sidings etc.

Butcher's Beer Train


A photo to let you know that "the trains" appreciate their new home here in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Dave Panabaker

1740 Rolls again with Greenway Driver replacements. Here is the award winning Wilcox layout in Hemet, Calfornia.

1740 emerges from the tunnel to pick up a log car at the mill

Mal Houck's rebuild at Livingston Manor, NY (Telegraph call letters "VM) on the NYO&W  layout of Bill Schneider.

Mike Collins Scene - Beer Cars being iced

Here is a closeup of Mike Collins' Horseshoe Curve Beer Car being Iced.

Chris Ruhl gets his NWSL 0-6-0 running

This is the one that got the three new 51" drivers and tender truck screws and misc. siderod hardware bought from Greenway. I finally got to really try out my NWSL Sensipress as I had to press off all three driversets to remove the bearings, if nothing else, and to press on the gear (middle driver). This loco doesn't use bearings. I had replaced the open gear and direct drive Pittman DC motor with a NWSL gearbox and can motor. Unfortunately, the drivers were loose on the axles and would stick in switches and crossings from wobble and bind. No more! Thanks again for helping me restore this 50-year old brass locomotive that was my father's first brass loco purchase and a popular locomotive on our layouts over the years.

Below I had the 0-6-0 out again -- Shows off my hand-made, working PRR position-light signals. Signals are made out of brass, 1.5mm LED's for lights, Bachmann signal bridges kitbashed together. Tower is old Revell kit from the late 1950's, early 1960's.

Regards, Chris Ruhl


Michael J Scotto's Baldwin RT-624

Here is a great kit-bashing project that Michael J Scotto has undertaken with the help of parts from Greenway Products. The finished locomotive is a Baldwin RE-624 in PRR garb. He began with a Athearn BB SD-40 chassis and some Stewart body parts to assemble this wonderful model of one of the very last types built by Baldwin of which there are no prototypes in existence today. If you want to see how he did it go over to the Whistle Post Forum and read all about it. Great job Michael.

The Grosser's Nostalgia Trip model railroad of the 1950s Soo Line

A great railroad with wonderful scenery and details.

Howard Zane's Piedmont Division of the Western Maryland Railroad

Howard Zane's magnificent model railroad has been featured in several popular model railroad magazines and can be seen in two volumes of Allen Keller's Great Model Railroad series. Ken Spranza's Hudson Point & Hawthorne Railroad.

Major Revisions Underway!

In the NEW Hudson Point & Hawthorne the goals are to eliminate the problems noted above, while retaining a continuous running capability and toimprove industrial switching. The track plan is in the works. The current concept is that this will be either the Western or Northern division of the Hudson Point & Hawthorne (which were "off line" on the original HP&H). The original layout was featured in the July, 2007 issue of Model Railroade

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