Belmont Pink Elephant Ale

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Belmont Pink Elephant Ale

Belmont Brewing co., Martins Ferry, OH.

Located on the banks of the Ohio river, across from Wheeling, West Virginia.

The Belmont Brewing company was started by several immigrant germans as a wine company in 1885. When they found that the rattle and shake of the adjacent railroad ruined the wine, they changed over to brewing beer.

Through the ups and downs of prohibition years they employed several creative ways to continue the business. One time they were caught bringing in a tank car of alcohol, adulterating it, and distributing it as first class "hootch".

We don't know, but maybe this is where the Pink Elephant brand got started. Following prohibition, Pink Elephant beer was sold up and down the river and, for a period, in south central western Pennsylvania.

Gone now, we wonder if people occasionally still see ghosts of pink Elephants wandering along the shores of the mighty Ohio. We think it likely.