Steam Hoist Shed

Crow 215
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Steam Hoist Shed

Our shed is a model of a typical ramshackle structure used to shelter a hoisting engine, boiler and crew. Made to go with our HO Stiff Leg Derrick, Kit 214, these sheds can also be used wherever cable operated hoists or trams are used. These structures were at best, crude, often built by the hoisting crews to keep the weather at bay. The Boiler and 3 Drum Hoist with slewing drums are located inside the shed. Since only the front of the hoist and the shape of the boiler can be seen, these are stripped down units

This shed will perfectly compliment the Stiff Leg Derrick

The Clam-Shell Bucket will help you load materials like coal, ballast, gravel, etc.


  • Cast Resin and Strip Wood Construction
  • One piece Cast Resin Coal Bunker
  • Footprint of building: 6" X 8