Baldwin AS Units

The Baldwin AS16 began production in 1950 and it introduced the manufacturer's new Standard Line of diesels. "Standard" most definitely is an understatement as the new designations were easier to understand and far simpler than previous descriptions for its locomotives.  Taking direction from Alco and EMD, Baldwin used a plain one or two letter designation for each model followed by two or three numbers. One reason the builder changed its classification system was that after 1949 it had completely abandoned the manufacturing of steam locomotives, realizing (albeit belatedly) the motive power could no longer compete in the market. For instance, its new designations were as follows: AS stood for All Service, RS for Road Switcher, RF for Road Freight, and RT for Road Transfer.

Bowser's Traditional Line: Basic model, no extra details, mostly unnumbered, all without sound,
all powered units have 8 pin plugs for easy DCC installations