Bridges, Trestles, Culverts, Piers, Viaducts, etc.


There is nothing that provides as much dramatic impact to a layout as bridges. These are the essence of railroad engineering, symbols of the advance of civilization. Monuments to man's creativity. The impossible hurdles conquered, the triumph of reason over untamed wilderness...the Building of an Empire. Our favorite bridges include many, some of them "only available as scratch-built"...but the ones we stock are those that are tried and true.

These are the classics that look good anywhere and which can be assembled without becoming a major frustrating project. Our criteria is that they must fit within the attention span of one or two evenings of work...not the sort of thing that becomes an unfinished project with pieces lost long before completion.

The following listing covers the bridges we try to maintain in stock and their various appurtenances, such as piers and abutments, which provide the perfect finishing touch for installation on your layout.