Weathering Powders & Chalks

Weathering Powders and chalks for that natural look that comes with weather and age. These powders are easily applied. Generous quantity of each colors allows experimentation to get perfect effects. Powders can be removed with a damp cloth if you decide to make a change, or can be sealed with dullcote for preservation. Sold in individual colors or in sets.

Powders Manufactured by Adventures in Miniature (AIM)
2277 Glendalen North
Mosinee, WI 54455

Chalks Manufactured by Builders in scale
P.O. Box 1427,
Mukeilto, WA 98275
P.   O.   B O X   1 4 2 7         M U K I L T E O,     W A     9 8 2 7 5