Stanton Drives (NWSL)

 NorthWest Short Line

Each Powered drive comes with four color coded wires for direct hookup to a DCC decoder (comes wired for immediate DC operation.) Self-resetting fuse for power spike protection. Four individually adjustable bearings allow you to fine-tune the mesh between the worms and the axle worm gears. Just add sideframes if desired and off it goes!

Our many of our customers have used the Stanton Drives for repowering. We have used them, as well, and have had great success with some difficult units such as the Sweeney motor cars.

Units with 110 wheels are for almost all common HO operating applications, 88 wheels are for super scalers that prefer the narrower wheel configuration for appearance. 88 are less accommodating to unusual track conditions.

Dummy (No Motor) units are also available.

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